Decorative waterscape stainless steel sculpture

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Material: stainless steel Type: 304/316 etc
Style: Waterscape Thickness: 2mm(according to design)
Technique: Handmade Color: As required
Size: Can be customized Packing: Wooden case
Function: Outdoor decoration Logo: Accept customized logo
Theme: Modern MOQ: 1pc
Place of original: Hebei, China Customized: accept
Model number: ST-203013 Application place: Outdoor, garden, plaza,etc


In major cities, people often see water related landscapes such as fountains in squares or parks, and there are more and more water feature elements that match fountains. Among them, water feature sculpture is one of the landscapes that people love very much.

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Water sculpture can enrich the expression forms of gardens and urban landscapes, enhance the infectivity of landscape design, and effectively beautify the urban environment.

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The expression of water features is mainly presented through static and dynamic methods. From a dynamic perspective, waterscapes can exist independently through forms such as fountains and flowing water, but this way of existence is sometimes influenced by terrain and other factors, making it easy to appear monotonous. Integrating sculpture into dynamic waterscapes such as fountains, using sculpture as the internal framework of the waterscape, and utilizing its rich forms as the carrier of water flow and gushing, can enrich the expression of the waterscape and form a fluctuating water flow effect. Sculptures are installed near static water features such as lakes and ponds, as well as at the exits of some dynamic water features. By combining artificial artworks with natural water bodies, the water features can be beautified and a magnificent and elegant landscape environment can be created.

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The combination of water features and sculpture also enhances the expressive power of sculpture, making it more attractive. Most sculptures are presented in a static way, while waterscape can be presented in a dynamic way of gushing and flowing. The combination of dynamic and static make sculptures more vital and attract people's attention.

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