Fiberglass simulated animal sculpture, a good choice for outdoor decoration

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Material: FRP, Resin Type: Sculpture
Style: Animal Weight : According to model
Technique: Handmade Color: As required
Size: Can be customized Packing: Carton packing
Function: Decorative Logo: Customized
Theme: Simulated MOQ: 1pc
Place of original: Hebei, China Customized: accept
Model number: FRP-204022 Application place:

Garden, park, etc


If you are looking for a decoration that can add fun and vitality to parks, squares, lawns, green spaces, or gardens, then fiberglass animal sculptures are a good choice for you.


These animal sculptures are made of fiberglass material and processed through simulation and painting techniques, presenting an artistic and realistic effect. Whether you want a nimble monkey, a cute little dog, or a powerful lion, we can meet your needs.


As a landscape art, small animal sculptures have specific decorative effects and the role of beautifying the environment. The small animal sculptures produced by our company not only have a high degree of simulation, but also have well handled details, giving the sculpture connotation and vitality. The luster of fiberglass material makes the entire place more vivid and distinct. At the same time, our painting technology is also highly refined, with bright and vibrant patterns that showcase every detail. The use of small animal sculptures also has the significance of conveying environmental protection and animal protection


In addition to serving as decorative elements, fiberglass simulated animal sculptures also have a certain degree of functionality. For example, in public places, some fiberglass simulation sculptures can become children's game toys, adding entertainment elements, while in courtyards and gardens, some fiberglass simulation animal sculptures can serve as facilities such as seats and swimming pools, providing more leisure and entertainment options for people.


Fiberglass simulated animal sculptures have good durability, are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and have bright and colorful painted surfaces that blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Whether it's urban parks, rural lawns, or community gardens, we can create a space with cultural and artistic atmosphere for you.


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