Modern abstract decorative mirror stainless steel sculpture

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Material: stainless steel Type: 304/316 etc
Style: Modern Thickness: 2mm(according to design)
Technique: Handmade Color: As required
Size: Can be customized Packing: Wooden case
Function: Outdoor decoration Logo: Accept customized logo
Theme: Art MOQ: 1pc
Place of original: Hebei, China Customized: accept
Model number: ST-203012 Application place: Outdoor, garden, plaza,etc


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Mirror stainless steel sculpture is a type of stainless steel sculpture that achieves a mirror like effect by polishing the surface of the stainless steel sculpture to a smooth and reflective surface. This is called mirror stainless steel.

Mirror stainless steel sculpture is a special type of sculpture that emerged after the birth of stainless steel. It has many characteristics, making it increasingly popular among people.

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The surface of the mirror stainless steel sculpture is bright and clean, with a strong touch, so it can be both rigid and soft, giving the sculpture a beautiful luster. At the same time, the outer surface of the sculpture is made of metal material with a hard touch, which makes people marvel at the beauty of technological progress.

When light shines on the outer surface of the mirror stainless steel, the mirror will reflect various colors, emit dazzling light, and attract people's attention. At this time, the mirror stainless steel sculpture will become the focus of the scene, gathering people's attention, allowing people to stop and admire, and experience the spirit and concept conveyed by the sculpture.

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The appearance of stainless steel mirror sculpture is beautiful and can present a perfect effect. The smooth surface gives a soft and perfect feeling, bringing people a relaxed environment atmosphere.

Stainless steel mirror sculpture is a relatively easy to handle sculpture that does not require carving patterns on the surface to create other effects, as changes in natural light and shadow can bring about different sculptural effects. Therefore, although the shape of this sculpture is fixed, it looks like the shape of the sculpture is also changing when the environment changes.

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