Children’s favorite cartoon sculptures

In recent years, a variety of cartoon images emerge constantly, deeply loved by people, such as Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, Squarepants, Smurfs and other cartoon images and some enterprise IP cartoon image. Use carving, cutting, engraving, grinding and other means to produce the cartoon image of the three-dimensional modeling. The shape and personality are lovely, can be placed for a long time, will not change color, in many parks, shopping malls and recreation places can see the figure of cartoon sculpture, to add a sense of atmosphere to the surrounding environment, is also loved by the children.

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Cartoon sculpture general raw materials are fiberglass or stainless steel, the advantages of these two materials will make the sculpture high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strength, good plasticity. Cartoon sculpture production process: first with specific materials to shape, then turn the plaster mold, and then the fiberglass coating inside the outer film, and then polishing and spray color treatment.

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With the development of time, sculpture production technology is becoming more and more mature. Many companies often design a logo or IP image to promote their brand culture. FRP IP mascot sculpture brand image in line with consumer aesthetics and needs, so as to maintain the brand freshness and vitality. The placement of these sculptures in kindergartens attracts children's interest, adds artistic color, and plays a role in the decoration of the campus. Cartoon sculpture represents the characteristics and cultural atmosphere of a city, is a reflection of campus knowledge education and cultural deposits.

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Post time: Apr-13-2023