The production process of fiberglass sculpture products

The production of fiberglass sculptures basically includes the following steps:

1  Make molds

Making a sculpture model is the first and most important step in the production of fiberglass sculpture.

According to the drawings and size requirements provided by the customer, create a one-to-one model according to the pictures.

Generally, clay model or foam model will be made.

Technicians will choose the appropriate mold making method according to the shape (clay model and foam).

Generally, clay models will be selected for characters or products with complex shapes, and foam models will be used for simple shapes. In addition, most of the larger sculptures choose to make foam models


clay model

foam model

2 The second step is the production of fiberglass sculptures, which is the process from molds to fiberglass sculptures.

After the mold production is completed, the production of fiberglass sculptures can begin. Lay fiberglass cloth inside the mold and pour resin to cover the entire fiberglass mold. Next, use a brush or scraper to evenly apply the resin onto the fiberglass cloth to eliminate air bubbles. Repeat the above steps until the entire fiberglass sculpture is covered.


3  Afterwards, there will be post-processing of fiberglass sculpture products.

After the production of FRP sculpture is completed, some post-processing needs to be carried out, such as polishing, coloring and so on. Sanding removes burrs from the surface and makes the surface smoother. Coloring is to paint the sculpture with the required color according to the design, which can be the overall color spraying or painted by specialized technicians, so that the FRP products are more lifelike and the artistry of the FRP products is also increased.


 spray paint

hand paint

Post time: Aug-23-2023