The Value of Sculpture in Public Space

Space includes the internal space of the building and the external space outside the building itself. The internal space of the building is relatively private, which is the secret space for people to live, while the external space of the building is open and public, which is the main place for people to communicate.
Public open space became the main communication space for people and was built on a large scale after World War II. The American economy developed rapidly, in the process of urban governance and planning, in order to meet people's pursuit of beautiful environmental space, many public open spaces with beautiful environment emerged one after another, and a large number of sculptures were presented in front of the public and became an important form of expression of public open environment.

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In modern society, the pressure of fast paced life and work makes people's pursuit of beautiful public open spaces even more urgent. Many cities pay more attention to the construction of public open spaces. Sculpture, with its unique artistic characteristics, integrates into the public environment, creating a harmonious, beautiful, and vibrant public open environmental space.
Walking around the city, romantic or serious sculptures always make people stop and fall into a reverie. Sculpture art has a long history and forms a unique artistic style. It has strong visual effects, special feelings and unique meaning expression, and has a long vitality. A good urban public sculpture has vivid life. It is not only the expression of the author's emotion, but also can arouse public resonance and reflect the humanistic spirit of the city. Today, urban public sculpture is not only a piece of art, but also a symbol of city quality.

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Post time: Apr-13-2023