Outdoor decoration stainless steel flower sculpture

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Material: stainless steel Type: 304/316 etc


Style: Flower Thickness: 2mm(according to design)
Technique: Handmade Color: As required
Size: Can be customized Packing: Wooden case
Function: Outdoor decoration Logo: Accept customized logo
Theme: Art MOQ: 1pc
Place of original: Hebei, China Customized: accept
Model number: ST-203014 Application place: Outdoor, garden, plaza,etc


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Sculpture products in the form of flowers, with their unique artistic charm and beautiful sculptural effects, have been rooted in various forms of art and become an important component of trendy art. Stainless steel flower sculptures bloom in different places in the city, including squares, parks, shopping malls, and many other places where different colors and forms of stainless steel flower sculptures can be seen. Each flower is full of vitality and vitality, giving people infinite space for imagination and imagination.

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The production process of stainless steel flower sculptures is very complex and exquisite. Firstly, sculptors need to accurately select suitable stainless steel materials based on the sculpture design drawings, and conduct precise measurements and calculations. Then, the sculptor uses specialized cutting tools and equipment to cut the stainless steel plate into the shape of flowers, and uses welding technology to connect the various components together. In the production process of stainless steel flower sculptures, sculptors need to constantly adjust and revise to ensure that the shape and proportion of each flower are perfect.

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Stainless steel materials have durability and oxidation resistance, which enable stainless steel flower sculptures to maintain their original beauty and quality under various harsh environmental conditions. It is not subject to erosion by wind and sun, and is less susceptible to pollutants and corrosive substances, thus having a longer service life. This also makes stainless steel flower sculpture an ideal outdoor sculpture artwork that can withstand the test of time and emit charming and dazzling light.

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